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The Smart Pro

GSM Alarm with


First 6 Months free Subscription

• Thatcham Cat 1 alarm •  Smartphone control

• In app real time GPS track & locate •  Battery backup siren •  Call - Text - Push notifications

Pandora storm immobiliser car alarm stol

The strongest most feature rich immobiliser on the market.


The New

pandora car alarms light pro v2 thatcham

Bluetooth Alarm

Light Pro

pandora car alarms minio bt thatcham cat

Mini BT 

Bluetooth Alarm

pandora Elite V2 car alarms remote start

The Ultimate Alarm

The Elite V2

The Pandora storm immobiliser stolen car
Thatcham Category one Alarm & immobiliser
Two engine immobilisers
Bluetooth Smartphone app
Anti-Hijack car jacking protection
FIVE protection sensors
  • Tilt - Internal Motion - Dual Impact - Movement
120db battery backup siren
Bluetooth immobiliser tags
GSM Call, Text & Tracking Thatcham Category one Alarm & immobiliser.
Everything the Mini BT comes with plus:​
  • 3G Worldwide phone control
  • GPS/GLONASS real-time tracking
  • Worldwide phone notifications
  • Free six month subscription 
  • Compatible with remote start
2 Engine immobilisers. 
Bluetooth Smartphone app.
Anti-Hijack car jacking protection.

​Disarm the storm using:
  • Bluetooth tag
  • steering wheel code
  • SmartPhone 

​Option to add:
  • Remote start
  • Worldwide tracking
  • Pandora Key
  • Pager bluetooth remote
Long range Pager remote.
Thatcham Category one Alarm & immobiliser.
Everything the Mini BT comes 
with  plus:
Long range LoRa Pager OLED remote with up to a mile range.
​Latest Bluetooth 5.0
The Ultimate alarm andpackage.
GSM, worldwide tracking, Long range Pager Thatcham Category one Alarm & immobiliser
Everything the Smart Pro comes 
with  plus:
Long range LoRa Pager OLED remote with up to a mile range
​Latest Bluetooth 5.0
Latest 4G connection 


BMW Package



audi car alarm stolen audi pandora car a

FORD Package



FORD car alarm stolen ford pandora car a
mercedes car alarm pandora car alarms st
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