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About Us

Revolution in security 

Pandora Car Alarms are revolutionary, and not like anything else on the market. They're incredibly advanced Russian systems, created in 2004.

They currently have over 25% market share in Russia, being the premium and high-end vehicle security solution.


Since becoming well known across Europe, Pandora systems have made a big impact in the UK over just a period of 4 years.


In this time period, technological advancements continue to be huge, with Pandora being the first manufacturer to bring 4G and Bluetooth 5.0 systems into the UK market, revolutionising vehicle security.


With an incredibly experienced in-house team at Pandora HQ, constantly researching & developing new improvements, we make sure we're staying multiple steps ahead of even the most up to date thieves. 


All Pandora dealers are hand picked and trained by Pandora HQ, in Redditch. We ensure our authorised installers offer the best possible security and aftermarket care for customers across the UK, by vetting their experience and knowledge before they're authorised to install.

Why Pandora? 

We're raising the standards of vehicle security. 

More security. More features. More upgradeability.


Pandora offers more than any other competing system at any level, and we're not just saying that.


All Pandora dealers are hand picked and trained at Pandora HQ. This ensures only the most experienced auto electricians install our advanced systems, thereby offering the best installs that protect our customers vehicles nationwide. 


Pandora uses multiple of the strongest immobilisers as standard, with incredibly discrete alarm units offering well hidden installations on any type of vehicle.


We're happy to explain, in more detail, what makes us different. Get in touch and a member of the team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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