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Helpful videos 

Below are some helpful video in the case of an emergency and on how to use your system

Tag Overide

Quick video showing how to disable your tags in an emergency.

Note: Remember to switch this feature back on when the issue is sorted.

Pandora plastic membership card

Your alarm security card and what it's used for.

How to Activate/deactivate Valet mode

Quick video showing how to Activate/deactive Valet/Maintance mode on our Pandora Security system.

Forgotten password to online account.

How to reset your password to your online account and Pandora smartphone app.

Shock and tilt sensor 

How to adjust your sensors through the smartphone app

What is Active security

If you own a GSM system such as a Strom plus, smart pro, Elite or specialist package, how to activate Active security

Why am I getting 3 or 4 beeps from my system?

The Pandora Connect app

How to Pair a GSM system to using Bluetooth

GSM system how to change or delete your owner telephone number.

How to set up an online account .

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