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Range Rover Edition

Range Rover Edition

Here at Pandora we are always trying to go above and beyond for you and your vehicle. There are always new ways for thieves to access your pride and joy. We know this! Therefore we try to stay a step ahead of them to make sure your vehicle and its contents are well guarded by our systems and technology. We have some Great news for most Range Rover owners.

Introducing the Pandora Range Rover Package 

Specially designed by us as a fully Wireless alarm system, designed to protect you from all the latest security threats, including

Relay theft

OBD Port key cloning

Car Jacking - Pandoras sophisticated AntiHijack

JLR Emergency start computer - Latest way JLR Vehicles are stolen.

Pandora app - For IOS & Android

If you are an android or iOS user, everything can be adjusted via the smartphone app through GSM or Bluetooth. Turn on and off sensors or adjust the sensitivity from inside the app it self. Change notifications set up, monitor, control and track your car real time. Also works with most smart watches New mobile applications for both Android and iOS devices. Pandora BT puts you in control of your car, giving you bluetooth control all from your smartphone or tablet.


Arm & disarm your Pandora system.Start your vehicles engine with remote engine start 

Monitor important vehicle parameters such as engine temperature, fuel level, battery voltage.

Bluetooth Tag

Bluetooth 5.0
complete wireless install

From the wireless Immobiliser, to the bluetooth battery backup siren. The Range Rover Edition is a complete Bluetooth 5.0 wireless system. By adding a wireless system, you remove the need to run wires from one end of the car to the other. This means less panels are removed and no wires to follow making the components even more hidden and secure.


Bluetooth Battery Backup Siren

Pandora Band

Pandora Main Brain 5.0

Flashing Logo

Wireless immobiliser

Bluetooth Tag


Your tag is your driver recognition pass..

All NEW upgrade Bluetooth 5.0 chip, our immobiliser tags are now even more secure, with a longer range. Fully adjustable via the pandora Bluetooth app and featuring Pandora’s military grade 128bit encryption. 


Immobiliser tag work on close proximity of the car, allowing you to still securely use your factory OEM remote. 


The tag is used as a way of telling your  Pandora alarm system you are the authorised user. If the TAG isn’t in close proximity to the vehicle when you press the unlock button, then the Pandora system simply won’t disarm, keeping the engine immobiliser and all the layers of security fully ARMED! However, if the TAG is in close proximity, the system will disarm, completely handsfree.


Tag is also used for other features such as Anti-Hijack and Handsfree Arming/locking. (Vehicle dependent) 

Why Not Add Pandora KeyGuard To your Range Rover Package...

The Pandora Key Guard blocks your key signal as if it is in a faraday case all the time. Even if the signal from the key had been intercepted and copied by the thieves, the Pandora Key guard locks the part of the vehicle that is looking for that signal to open the vehicle... Unless it detects the Pandora Driver tags. In which case it will allow the original functionality of the OEM key and allow you to carry on as usual. Watch the Video Below for a deeper understanding.

*Pandora KeyGuard Optional Extra


Car jacking protection

Pandora car alarms iphone android app control your car alarms copy.png

Pandora Range Rover Package

The Pandora Range package is a NEW type of car security system, designed to put you in full control of your vehicle, all through your SmartPhone. Why carry an extra LCD key fobs when you always has your smartphone with you!


The system works by detecting Pandora’s military encrypted Bluetooth ID tags close to the vehicle. You can then safely control the alarm using your factory OEM key. The Smart GSM then connects to your mobile phone through Bluetooth when close to the vehicle and GSM when out of Bluetooth range, keeping you connected to your vehicle 24/7, anywhere in the world. Full alarm notifications will instantly appear on your smartphone.  If your vehicle is attacked you are instantly notified by a phone call, Text & PUSH notification. You can then control functions of the alarm by in app buttons or calling the alarm system.


Pandora Smartphone app allows you to monitor exact parameters and location of your vehicle at any time. In a car jacking scenario, where the vehicle is taken at force, You can safely shut the vehicle down by simply calling the alarm system and entering your secret code. This will also disable all Immobiliser tags. Works with both IOS & Android. All of Pandora’s features rolled into one alarm system!

*This is a subscription based system. The first 6 months are included for free under our fair use policy. After the 6 months, to continue using the only phone service a 6 or 12 month subscription will need to purchased. See our subscription page for more details.

Remember, all our systems are completely transferable from vehicle to vehicle. 

Buy The Range Rover Package Now From Specific Authorised Dealers Only

Help protect your Range Rover from this happening.

The JLR Emergency start computer.

What’s inside this NEW box of tricks?

What’s included 

  • GSM smartphone control Anywhere in the world

  • Tracking and real time location

  • Bluetooth Smartphone app IOS & Android 

  • Smartwatch control

  • 6 months free subscription*

  • 2 x Pandora immobiliser tags

  • Minimum of 2 x engine immobiliser 

  • Controlled from vehicle factory remote.

  • Bluetooth Smartphone app IOS & Android 

  • 128 Bit Encryption on tags and app

  • 120db siren 

  • Anti-hijack with worldwide shut down*

  • Tilt sensor  - Detects vehicle jacking up, towing and wheel theft.

  • Dual Shock sensor  - Detects hard impact Light impact. 

  • Motion - Accelerometer, detects speed and movement, vehicle towing.


Optional Extras 

  • Remote engine start - Start your car from your smartphone or your factory remote.

  • Pandora Band - Your tag on your wrist, plus a fit bit type pedometer.

  • KeyGuard - Block your factory key from working unless the Pandora encrypted bluetooth tag is close.

  • Pandora windscreen flashing Logo - Deters thief's warning a Pandora is fitted to your car visually.  

  • LoRa Long range pager LCD remote - Up to mile away. 

 *Enquire with your dealer about this option.

Why not add remote start.

Why not add Remote engine start to your Range Rover Edition

Start your Range Rover any where in the world with our secure app, or by clicking the lock button on your factory remote 3 x.

*Optional extra

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