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Security is not what you think.

Thieves are stealing vehicles more quickly than ever.

Manufacturer's aren't doing enough to protect the vehicles being put on the road.

Factory alarms and immobilisers are being bypassed left, right and centre.

Aftermarket systems stop thieves in their tracks, because something has too.

What immobilisation should you look for?

Immobilisation is not all the same. There are different types for every vehicle.

Physical ''cuts'' are the most secure. 

These are made with relays, meaning your vehicle physically can't start because the wiring isn't joined. This method is hardest to bypass, requiring the time consuming process of taking the vehicle apart and rewiring electrics.


CAN block is a form of digital immobilisation, designed to be used in addition to other immobilisers. This stops a vehicle in the same way new vehicles use their ''stop start'' feature at traffic lights, by using coded commands.


When choosing a system, don't settle for one immobiliser. The more layers of security the better. 


At Pandora, we fit at least two immobilisers, with options to have more for added security. We can even add wireless immobilisers which are untraceable and undetectable.

What alarm should you look for?

A good alarm system integrates with your factory alarm and immobiliser through CAN bus as well as adding a loud, reliable siren. For non-CAN bus vehicles, an analogue install is necessary. It should include a range of sensors to protect your vehicle.


Sensors can include shock, movement, tilt, internal and external. These offer deterrence and protection from wheel jacking, towing, break ins and more.

Additional sensors will be recommended for certain vehicles such as vans which are prone to door peeling and tool theft.


Alarms can work through tags and codes to be entered into the vehicle's buttons or both. Using tags also enables additional features such as anti-hijack or hands free arming/disarming, along with stronger security and more convenience.


Reputable alarms have reliable ways to control the system. You can use applications through Bluetooth, GSM or long range remotes. 


When installing Pandora, we take into consideration the vehicle in question. Every vehicle is different and by offering bespoke installations we enable increased convenience with the best possible security.       

What makes an aftermarket system worthy of your hard earned money?

1) Look for multiple points of immobilisation. 

If a thief manages to get around one, they won't get past the others. Security is all about layers. 

2) Make sure the siren is loud and reliable.

The siren should have a standalone battery with consistent, loud sound.

3) Does the alarm have lots of sensors?

Tampering with the vehicle should be detected by the alarm system. The more sensors, the better, securing more of your vehicle.

4) 128bit encryption or higher

Is the alarm's data secure? Without good encryption, the alarm system could be compromised more easily.

5) Easy to control.

A good system will have a comprehensive app for ease of use. It could even work through your OEM key, which can mean you don't have to separately disarm the system before using the vehicle.

6) Additional features.

Look out for extras that may be available. These may include anti hijack, remote start, upgradeable add-ons, additional sensors or usable remotes. 

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