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The Storm
The most secure Thatcham CAT2 immobiliser on the market.

The strongest immobilisation. The most advanced features. Fully upgradeable.

Certification Thatcham CAT 2 

This is to certify: Pandora Storm & Storm Plus has been assessed and found to perform in compliance with Thatcham criteria Electronic Immobiliser Category 2

Certificate number Storm: TSC522 Date issues 17th October 2023

Certificate number Storm Plus: TSC523 Date issues 17th October 2023

Thatcham cat 2 insurance approved category two immobiliser.png
Thatcham cat 2 insurance approved category two immobiliser.png

Introducing The Storm & The Storm Plus Immobilisers.

Control The Storm with the Pandora tag, your smartphone using the Pandora app, or secret code sequence with your vehicle's dash and steering wheel buttons.

Storm Plus - Add GSM Phone control with world wide tracking. 
Click here for Storm Plus features>

Why settle for any other immobiliser to protect your pride and joy, when you can have Pandora?

Use your smartphone as your car  key.

Using your smartphones Bluetooth technology to disarm your Storm system.
*IOS users will need to open the app to disarm the system.

No hassle, with Bluetooth Encrypted ID Tags.

Safe and secure use of your OEM key, using 128bit encryption and our discrete Pandora bluetooth tag. Use your vehicle as normal, and simply keep your tag on your person. Easy.

Or by entering a Secret code sequence using factory buttons.

Use the buttons in your vehicle to disarm the Storm immobiliser, by inputting a unique code sequence. No need to carry any extra tags, or, add another layer of security.

The Storm Plus 
The same features as the Storm, but with so much more...

Storm Plus

Pandora Connect - For IOS & Android

If you are an android or iOS user, everything can be adjusted via the smartphone app through GSM or Bluetooth. You can turn on and off sensors or adjust the sensitivity from inside the app it self. Change notifications set up, monitor, control and track your car real time. Also works with most smart watches New mobile applications for both Android and iOS devices. Pandora BT puts you in control of your car, giving you bluetooth control all from your smartphone or tablet.


Arm & disarm your Pandora system.Start your vehicles engine with remote engine start 

Monitor important vehicle parameters such as engine temperature, fuel level, battery voltage.

NEW 3D Smartphone app for IOS & Android devices.

Our unique smartphone app gives you full control with real time information on your vehicle. Change alarm settings, send commands, or just change how it looks, by matching the shape or colour of your vehicle.


Pandoras car jacking protection

Full car jacking protection with remote shut down...

Anti-hijack automatically activates to keep you and your loved ones safe, and prevent your vehicle from driving too far with out the Pandora ID tag present. Smart, simple and super effective.

Storm plus gives you even more control. worldwide control! With GSM connection and GPS Tracking, you can remotely kill your car safely if taken by force... 

Upgradable at any time.

  • Upgrade to a full alarm - Just add a Bluetooth siren

  • Remote engine start - Start your car from your smartphone or OEM fob.

  • tracking, phone notifications and worldwide control.

  • Pandora Key - Turn your Smartphone into your push to start vehicle's car key. Lock & unlock, or start your car.

  • Pandora Band - Your tag on your wrist. Plus it double

  • The Storm isn't just the most advanced immobiliser system. It's the most upgradeable, made to be flexible and suit your needs. 

And then there was the Storm & Storm Plus Immobiliser.

The Storm is a game changer. It isn't outdated. It isn't easy to bypass. It isn't sacrificing the strongest immobilisation. It isn't cutting corners. 

Pandora protection is now more affordable than ever, and once you realise what's possible, you won't look back. Why spend more, for less?

Your tag is your driver recognition pass.


With an all new upgraded Bluetooth chip, our immobiliser tags are now even more secure at longer ranges. Fully adjustable via the Pandora Bluetooth app and featuring Pandora’s 128bit encryption, for superior security.


Immobiliser tags work on close proximity of the vehicle, allowing you to still securely use your factory OEM remote, whilst protecting you from  relay theft, OBD port theft, code grabbing theft and, even, key theft.


The tag is used as a way of telling your Pandora alarm system you are the authorised user. If the tag isn’t in close proximity to the vehicle when you press the unlock button, then the Pandora system simply won’t disarm, keeping the engine immobilised and all the layers of security fully armed. However, if the tag is in close proximity, the system will disarm when you unlock your car as normal.


The tag is also used for other features such as anti-hijack and handsfree arming & locking.

Anti-hijack is available for most vehicles, but there are exceptions. By having anti-hijack on, this will void Thatcham certification of the system if applicable, due to this not being tested and certified.





Vehicles perimeters

All our Pandora systems are designed to work on almost any vehicle. But every vehicle manufacturer is different. On most installs, our systems talk digitally through the vehicles CANbus network or by adding external temperature sensors. The information read by the alarm system through the CANbus network won't always be exact. Therefore  in some small cases the fuel, temperature and other vehicle perimeters may not display on the Pandora app vehicle dependent. If they do display, most of the time we can adjust to be as close as we can to the true reading. Normally between 0-25% of the original vehicle reading itself. 

OEM alarm system & deadlock control

Some cars fitted with a factory alarm system, may need a Pandora Key module to control the factory alarm system. This may also need a spare key to be dismantled and hidden inside the unit.

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