128bit encrypted ID tags.

Encrypted Bluetooth technology allows completely passive use of your vehicle through your OEM remote, along with the automatic activation of anti hijack.

pandora small android pandora bt car ala

Feature-rich mobile app.

Applications for iOS and Android devices give you full control of your vehicle anywhere in the world.


With the Smart Pro, everything is available wherever you are, in an instant.

Immobilise your vehicle, or track it in real-time. Activate remote start​, change settings, check status information such as fuel level or battery voltage, and more. Anywhere. In. The. World.


Bespoke sensor adjustment.

Customise your vehicle's security based on its environment with quick and easy sensor adjustment.

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iphone xMax blue.png
pandora small android pandora bt car ala

Transponder tag adjustment.

Adjust your Pandora tag sensitivity and distance, or check the status of your programmed tags, all from your smartphone.

Chronological event history

See exactly what's happened with your vehicle, with information of what caused the event, when it happened and where it was. Data is stored indefinitely on your app, with everything from alarm activations or filling fuel.

pandora small android pandora bt car ala

Real-time tracking.

An integrated GPS/GLONASS receiver has low power consumption and high sensitivity. This allows the system to decrease time for detecting coordinates and to increase tracking accuracy in urban conditions.

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