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128bit encrypted ID tags.

Encrypted Bluetooth technology allows completely passive use of your vehicle through your OEM remote, along with the automatic activation of anti hijack.

pandora small android pandora bt car ala

Feature-rich mobile app.

Applications for iOS and Android devices give you full control of your vehicle anywhere in the world.


With the Smart Pro, everything is available wherever you are, in an instant.

Immobilise your vehicle, or track it in real-time. Activate remote start​, change settings, check status information such as fuel level or battery voltage, and more. Anywhere. In. The. World.


Bespoke sensor adjustment.

Customise your vehicle's security based on its environment with quick and easy sensor adjustment.

iphone xMax blue.png
iphone xMax blue.png
pandora small android pandora bt car ala

Transponder tag adjustment.

Adjust your Pandora tag sensitivity and distance, or check the status of your programmed tags, all from your smartphone.

Chronological event history

See exactly what's happened with your vehicle, with information of what caused the event, when it happened and where it was. Data is stored indefinitely on your app, with everything from alarm activations or filling fuel.

pandora small android pandora bt car ala

Real-time tracking.

An integrated GPS/GLONASS receiver has low power consumption and high sensitivity. This allows the system to decrease time for detecting coordinates and to increase tracking accuracy in urban conditions.

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Smart Watch app.

Connect your iOS or Android smartwatch to your Pandora system for control and notifications, straight from your wrist.

Customise your vehicle's security based on its environment with quick and easy sensor adjustment.


This feature automatically stops your vehicle in a hijacking scenario, keeping you and the car safe without interference.

Pandora Remote engine start Light+.jpg

Remote start.

This optional extra allows you to start your vehicle remotely.

This allows you to and warm up, or cool down your car from your smartphone, with

your Pandora security system

still armed and active.

The Pandora Smart Pro.


With  6 MONTHS unlimited control, tracking and worldwide notifications included for FREE.

Ultimate control and tracking solution – you can use OEM car Remote, Bluetooth Tags, Smartphone app and web browser to access system’s vast functionality.

Built-in GSM modem allows system to make calls, take commands via a phone and deliver telemetry to any web device you have.

Remote start system with integrated bypass of original immobilizers for many popular car makes

Automatic engine start options, turbotimer and control over engine preheater.Built-in shock, motion and tilt sensors supported by ingenious adaptive algorithms provide smart protection. Small in size and easy to use, the system reliably works even in extreme weather condition

Bluetooth 4.2

You can control your system using Bluetooth mobile application (without 3G/GPRS connection). Bluetooth protocol allows you to install additional modules such as a BT blocking relay, a BT engine compartment module and other.

Built-in 2G/3G interface

2G/3G connection expands a zone where you can control the system and receive alarm and service notifications to the cellular network coverage area. You can control your car from anywhere.

Integrated GPS/GLONASS receiver

A built-in receiver has low power consumption, high sensitivity and minimum response time after ‘cold’ and ‘warm’ start. It ensures reliable tracking under conditions of low GPS/GLONAS signal level and urban areas.

Immobilizer bypass and Cloning Technology

Immo-key port and Pandora Clone service allows to implement algorithmic bypass of the original immobilizer and remote engine start on the most of modern cars.

Mobile application

New Android and iOS applications provide detailed service information, events history. It allows changing the system settings, controlling the main functions of the system (arming/disarming, control over engine and engine preheaters). Bluetooth 4.2 allows you to use your phone as a radio tag to implement Hands Free function.

Bluetooth tag

A miniature Bluetooth tag is included in the system set. The tag has a button for arming/disarming. Bluetooth interface allows to implement a reliable Hands Free function with adjustable operating distance.

Sim Package

To use the Online & GSM features of this alarm system you will need a SIM card package supplied by us or an authorised dealer.You will receive the first 6 months period for Free, which is activated on the day of installation automatically by your installer. This will be registered in the owners name. After the free period ends, to continue using the alarm online & GSM features including texts, packages can be purchased as 6 months or 12 months. If you decide not to continue with the subscription after the free period your alarm will still function as a security system with Bluetooth control, but with out the GSM and online connection. Subscription is registered in your name and packages are non transferable. As these are packages, you have 21 days of activation to cancel for a refund of the remainder of the term left. After this period the subscription can not be cancelled.


For more information on this and cost of packages, please contact us at or click on term and Conditions below



Vehicles perimeters

All our Pandora systems are designed to work on almost any vehicle. But every vehicle manufacturer is different. On most installs, our systems talk digitally through the vehicles CANbus network or by adding external temperature sensors. The information read by the alarm system through the CANbus network won't always be exact. Therefore  in some small cases the fuel, temperature and other vehicle perimeters may not display on the Pandora app vehicle dependent. If they do display, most of the time we can adjust to be as close as we can to the true reading. Normally between 0-20% of the original vehicle reading itself. 

Vehicles factory OEM alarm systems.

Most modern cars are fitted with a factory immobiliser and/or alarm system. These alarms can be updated by the vehicle manufacturer at anytime when your vehicle goes in for a service or remotely at anytime through the SIM card built into the vehicles BCM. To gain control of the OEM alarm system on any vehicle fully, we sometimes need to use an external Pandora Module (POA) which controls your spare OEM remote. This then gives your Pandora system full control of your Factory settings, including on some vehicles mirror closure, dead locks, roof closure and control of the OEM arm and disarm. On some vehicles if the extra module is not used, you will still be able to arm the pandora and lock the vehicle through your OEM remote and the Pandora remote/app. However on some vehicles, You can disarm the Pandora and unlock the car remotely through the OEM remote, but not through pressing disarm on the Pandora control. Please ask your installer for more information on your vehicle. 

Additional sensor The additional proximity sensor with warn away can be added to any of our alarm packages for an extra £50.00. this will give two zones. Zone 1 senses internal motion inside the vehicles cabin. Zone 2 senses motion just outside the vehicle, sensing motion on the front two doors just inside the wing mirrors

We have found the proximity and warn away sensor work on 80% of vehicles with no issues. However, some vehicles that are fitted with internal factory and aftermarket electrical wireless antennas can interfere with the sensor causing intermittent false alarms. Factory fitted DAB antennas, internet modems or dongles, security sensors, trackers and other aftermarket wireless devices including dash cams and trackers, can cause interference to the sensor causing Intermittent false alarms. or the sensor not to work at all.  Your installer will fit this sensor as an extra to your alarm if requested. If after the system is fitted and the sensor does false alarm or not function, it will need to be disabled in the smartphone app or removed completely. In some cases the false alarms are caused by the sensor being set too high and simply turning it down will stop most false alarms. However, It is advised that you do not buy this alarm system solely for this sensor as it may not work on your vehicle and may need the external zone disabling.

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