We are proud to announce in 2020

We have done it!!


All our Pandora alarm systems have passed Thatchams strict criteria, and are now insurance approved category 1 rated. 

  • Alarm System
  • Bluetooth Immobiliser Tag
  • Protects your vehicle from OBD port & Relay theft 
  • Shock/Tilt/Motion Sensors
  • 120DB Siren
  • Smartphone bluetooth app for IOS & Android
  • Anti-Hijack car Jacking protection
     Everything offered                   with the Mini BT plus:
  • Full Pager alarm system
  • 1 mile Range Pager remote
  • Instant notifications
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • loRa Technology
  • LI-LON rechargeable battery
  • Anti-Hijack car Jacking protection
  • Added hidden Immobiliser 
  Everything the Mini 
  BT comes with plus:​
  • Alarm system with full GSM connection
  • GPS World wide Tracking
  • Notifications/Text/cal
  • FREE 6 months GPS/GSM Subscription
  • 2nd Engine Immobiliser
  • Full Anti HighJack control
  Everything offered with        the Smart Pro:
  • Alarm system with Pager remote & Full GSM connection.
  • GPS world wide tracking.
  • Battery backup power supply
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • NEW M7 Processor
  • Wireless hidden Immobiliser 
  • Bluetooth smartphone control
  • Immobiliser System
  • Protects your car from OBD port & Relay theft.                  
  • Bluetooth Immobilser Tag.        
  • Smart Phone App.   
  • Anti HighJack mode.


The Thinkware F800 Pro offers HD recording with super night vision front and rear 

Dash Cam

Global Telemetics insurance approve tracker allows you to track your vehicle (subscriptions charges occur)


Start your car from your keys or smart phone. Can be done via bluetooth or any where in the world

Remote Start

Allows you to remotely and automatically shut you car down anywhere in the world should you ever be a victim of car Jacking

Anti HighJack



For almost 20 years we have been installing high end security systems to vehicles all over the U.K. We have specially designed and built our own OBD port & engine immobilisers, to help secure our customers vehicles against key cloning OBD port theft. In a world of wireless devices, key cloning and key scanning is the cause of thousands of car thefts across Europe. We are always searching for new ways to secure your car. We have a large network of installers which cover most of the U.K. 


Introducing Pandora Car alarms.


We are now the U.Ks sole distributer of Pandora Car Alarms. Using 128bit encryption, long range 856 mhz pager remotes & anti hijack with Bluetooth 5.0 Immobiliser  tags, the systems offer protection against key cloning, scanning and jamming, when connected with our specially designed OBD port & push button start engine immobilisers. These make Pandora Car alarms one of the securest aftermarket alarm systems in the world and the best choice to secure your car.


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