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The Features

At Pandora, we have every feature available for modern vehicle security. Our product range allows you to choose a package that fits your needs, with the right level of security and convenience.

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Anti High Jack

Anti hijack keeps you and your vehicle safe, even during dangerous hijacking scenarios.

This feature will automatically activate approximately 30-60 seconds after it detects you're removed from your vehicle, stopping it safely before it can be driven too far away.


Pandora systems use the strongest type of immobilisation possible. They'll also include multiple immobilisers.


Even if the Pandora unit is somehow removed, the vehicle will still be immobilised.

By using physical immobilisation, there's more for a thief to have to find and remove, and less chance of digitally bypassing the system due to how these physical relays work.

GPS Gracking.PNG

GPS Tracking 

By using both GPS and GLONASS satellites for tracking, you receive incredibly precise and up to date worldwide vehicle tracking. 

This can be monitored on your smartphone using a Pandora application for iOS/Android, or your web browser. 

Geofencing can also be configured for additional security.

GSM Phone Control

Worldwide phone control allows you to send commands to your system wherever you are.


This even includes remotely immobilising your vehicle, and if you have anti hijack, your vehicle can be remotely shut down whilst it's in motion. 

Features include arming or disarming, remote starting, changing settings, adjusting sensors, or just viewing status information such as battery voltage.



Pandora's intelligent sensors are incredibly discrete, being built-in to the compact alarm units.


By using bespoke algorithms, the sensors are incredibly sensitive to the vehicle's environment, yet also reliable.


Additional sensors can be added for extra protection. This may include proximity sensors, or battery operated shock sensors.

Long Range Remotes

Pandora's long range remotes enable you to receive alarm notifications and control your vehicle, with range of a mile or more.

These remotes also allow setting adjustments, display status information and some models can also operate as an encrypted Bluetooth ID tag.


Bluetooth ID Tags

Our encrypted ID immobiliser tags are detected by the Pandora systems. Without this tag present, the system will activate the alarm and immobilisers.

The high level of encryption prevents cloning or boosting of the key signal, and the codes can't be grabbed.

Remote Engine Start

Remote start allows you to securely start your vehicles engine, conveniently allowing you to heat or cool your vehicle's interior cabin, or even pre-heat a performance engine before a drive.

The vehicle stays locked and the Pandora system will still be armed. The vehicle will shut down if it detects unauthorised access.


Thatcham Cat 1 Approved

Thatcham Cat 1 certification is for an effective alarm and immobiliser system.

A certified system has been tested to have strong immobilisation, be difficult to bypass, include an array of sensors and also a battery backup siren.

120DB Battery Back siren

Pandora's battery backup siren has it's own emergency power supply to continue sounding even if power is removed from the vehicle or main alarm unit. 

It's small, discrete and connected via Bluetooth for a tidy and covert install.

1. Physical Cut

Definition and terminology 



We include at least two immobilisers in every system. We prioritise the strongest type, normally open, physical immobilisation, which protects your vehicle even if the Pandora unit is somehow removed.


GPS & GLONASS Tracking

This allows you to track your vehicle accurately, anywhere in the world from your smartphone or computer. You'll see your vehicle move as it updates on the map, along with location data being saved in the alarm's event history.


Bluetooth 5.0

The latest Bluetooth technology available in a vehicle security system. Increased Bluetooth connection range, and compatibility for more accessories or add-on security sensors & modules. 


Validation Code

Disarm your vehicle by inputting a series of button presses using your steering wheel, dashboard or other compatible buttons. 


RF Technology

RF technology is used for communication and control up to a mile away, or more. RF technology can provide signal where GSM lacks, and is incredibly reliable.


LoRa Remote

Pandora's long range remotes use LoRa & RF technology to allow you to change alarm settings, view status information and receive timely alarm activation notifications, all up to a mile away or further.


128bit Encryption 

This high level of encryption prevents code-grabbing, boosting or hacking of the Pandora tags, apps and alarm systems. Encryption keeps your data and system secure.



Pandora's intelligent sensors are built into the alarm brain, providing an incredibly discrete install, whilst also being very reliable. 

By using a range of customised algorithms, the sensors are sensitive whilst reducing the risk of false alarms.

5.0 Bluetooth
Validation Code
RF Technology
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