Pandora Alarms & Immobilisers 

Pandora Car Alarms contain the best technology for every type of user. If you're looking for a secure immobiliser or a professional GSM connected security system, or simply want to upgrade to the latest technology, its time to discover the best Pandora Car Alarms & Immobilisers.
Key Features

Pandora Immobiliser 
An immobiliser is an electronic device which when fitted to a vehicle stops the engine from starting unless the correct security key is present. With a minimum of two immobiliser cuts, one to stop the car from starting, the second to safely kill the engine when running - When Anti-hijack is installed.

Pandora Car Alarm
A Car alarm monitors all the vehicles entry points, such as boot, bonnet & doors. Also includes additional sensor including, Tilt sensor - Protecting wheels and lifting the vehicle.  Motion - Protecting pushing the car away.  Dual shock - Detects light & Hard impact to the vehicle. Internal motion - Detects any motion inside the vehicle cabin area. An alarm also comes with a loud 120db battery backup siren. If the alarm is activated, the siren will activate notifying any around of the attack.

Pager Remote
A Pager remote is a battery operated remote which is carried by the user. Normally with an LCD screen to display information about the alarm system. Pager works on radio signal which is not normally jammed by a car thief. If the alarm system is activated, up to a mile away, the pager remote will notify the user by vibrating and beeping. When in range, the LCD screen will show the status of the alarm and any alarm alerts and zones activated.

Pandora GSM Alarm & Tracking

A GSM alarm system uses the mobile telecoms network to keep you connected to your vehicle anywhere in the world. Pandora uses the latest 4G technology and a dedicated IOS or Android specialist app for your smartphone, tablet or desktop. Just like your mobile phone, the alarm can also communicate through phone calls, text and 4G push notification. All GSM Pandora systems also include real time vehicle tracking. Using 31 GPS satellites and also 24+ GLONASS satellite coupled with the 4G modem give the Pandora system real time location -Updating from every 7 seconds. When Antihijack is fitted - Pandora's car jacking protection - the GSM alarm can also be phoned with a secret code entered the car can be remotely shut down, disarmed or armed.
*Note first 6 months free - Under fair use policy - Subscription needed to continue all GSM usage.

Thatcham approved Category one rated.
Thatcham are an insurance governing body. Pandora car alarm systems have been certified by Thatcham as full Category one - The highest state of security product can be given. Thatcham CAT 1 means a car/van Alarm and immobiliser device meeting all of Thatcham strict criteria including, Battery back up siren, minimum of two physical immobilisation cuts, monitors all opening zones on the vehicle to include boot, bonnet and doors. An a sensor inside the cabin zone which detects movement. All Pandora Car Alarms full immobiliser and alarm systems have a Thatcham Category one certification.

Anti-Hijack & Remote Antihijack 
Pandora car alarms Car Jacking protection - Anti-Hijack.
If you are pulled out of your vehicle at the traffic lights and you 
retain the Pandora Bluetooth tag, the engine will shut down safely after the antihijack sequence. 

Pandora car alarms - Car jacking protection - Remote Anti-Hijack.
available with our GSM systems this extends car jacking protection, too worldwide control with remote immobilisation - Anti-Hijack plus. If taken at force or keys and tag stolen through a burglary, you the owner can call the alarm and safely shut the engine down, using security codes, rendering the stolen keys and security tags useless. The engine will be shut down when its safe to do so immobilising the vehicle. The stolen vehicle can then be tracked through the Pandora Connect app and safely recovered.

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Pandora Storm

Vehicle Immobiliser

  • Immobiliser

  • Antihijack

The Storm is the most secure vehicle immobiliser on the market today. But what is an immobiliser? Its a tiny device which can be hidden somewhere discreet inside your vehicle and  physically immobilises the engine stopping it from starting. When armed the Pandora Storm protects you against relay theft, key cloning OBD port theft. Option to also add Pandoras car Jacking protection - Anti-Hijack. If you are pulled out of your vehicle at the traffic lights and you retain the Pandora bluetooth tag, the engine wil shut down safely after the antihijack sequence. With full Bluetooth connectivity, meaning you can connect your Android or IOS device, using Pandora's Connect app to set up and control your Pandora Storm.