The  NEW Van Alarm


Van thieves will do anything to get to your tools..

Van & tool theft at an all time high

Latest figures in show van & tool theft at an all time high. report a massive 50% rise in 4 years of both Van and their contents, stolen costing tradesman an average of £2,000 plus in damage and tool replacement. According to the data, van drivers operating in London & Birmigham appear to be most at risk of having their vehicle stolen, as figures sourced from the Metropolitan Police show 4,777 thefts took place in the capital between 2018 and 2019.


It is now important more than ever  to fit a high quality Van alarm security package. Here at Pandora we have designed three specialist van alarm packages to fit all tradesman budgets and needs.

4 payments - Starting From £150 PM

0% No Credit Checks 

Bluetooth Sensor

Completely wireless Bluetooth sensor with built in 3 axle motion sensor. Designed to protect your van against door peal. Sensor also detects, shock/rotation/tilt/motion and door opening and air temperature.  

Immobiliser tag allows, AntiHijack, 128 bit

dialogue encryption allows for secure use of OEM factory remote. 

Bluetooth Tag.

NEW Pandora Bluetooth 5.0 immobiliser

tags, designed to protect your vehicle against Relay & Key Cloning theft.

Each van alarm package includes 2 bluetooth sensors. However between 2-10 sensors can be fitted to each Van alarm (alarm dependent). 

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Own an Android


Why not use your Smartphone as a tag!

No need to carry round an extra immobiliser tag, just use your smartphones bluetooth technology to unlock your car securely.

*Only available on select Android devices.

Now Thatcham 


Category one

PANDORA LIGHT PRO VAN - Insurance approved Thatcham Category one

Larger OLED screen, rechargeable battery, Bluetooth 5.0 & NEW LoRa long range technology. 

Our best selling Thatcham Cat one Van alarm system just got even better! Includes 2 wireless bluetooth sensor, protecting two doors In the back of the vehicle. Now with an all new OLED screen with larger display and icons displaying each alarm notifications clearly. Lock/unlock your van securely from the encrypted 128bit pager remote. Or use your factory remote securely, with Pandora’s encrypted immobiliser Tag. The alarm tag works wirelessly when close to the van, protecting you against relay theft. OLED alarm pager remote now also features LoRA technology, giving better control in built up areas where there’s lots of radio interference. This can give you a distance of up to a mile range. The original triple AAA batteries have now been replaced with a full built in lithium ion rechargeable battery. Now enjoy weeks of battery power in between charges. Includes full Bluetooth control using Pandora’s  smartphone app. An additional 3 x sensors TILT - MOVEMENT - IMPACT protecting every corner of your vehicle, with the option to upgrade to our NEW dual internal motion sensor with warm away. Also features a full additional engine immobiliser. Option to add Pandora’s Anti-Hijack system protecting you against car jacking(Anti-Hijack will void thatcham rating) If you are pulled out of the vehicle the system will safely kill the engine, stopping the thief from driving off with your pride and joy. 







What’s included 

  • LARGER OLED Animated display Instant notification

  •  128 bit encryption

  • 856MHZ Up to 1 mile Range

  • LI-LON built in Rechargeable battery  

  • LoRa frequency for better signal in city

  • Turn ON/OFF/Adjust sensors up to a mile away**

  • External valet switch with LED indicator

  • Arm & Disarm securely from factory remote

  • 120Db external siren 

  • 1 x immobiliser Tag - 5.0 Bluetooth 

  • Pandora BT - Bluetooth app. IOS & Android

  • Protects against Relay & OBD port Key cloning

  • Extra sensors - IMPACT - MOTION - TILT

  • 2 x additional bluetooth sensors 

  • 2 x Engine immobilisers

  • Anti-Hijack (If switched on will void Thatcham rating)

  • Secure unique 4 digit override code 

  • Remote Valet mode via Smartphone app 

  • Protection to the BOOT - BONNET - DOORS

  • Option to add remote start

Light Pro Van

PANDORA SMART PRO VAN - Insurance approved Thatcham Category one

Our Best all round Van alarm Package for ultimate protection to both your Van & Tools!!


The Smart Pro Van is the only GSM based Thatcham approved alarm system in the world. The security system comes with Bluetooth ID Tags, real time tracking & SmartPhone control through both Bluetooth & GSM.The Smart Pro Van is a NEW type of van security system, designed to put you in full control of your vehicle through your SmartPhone. Why carry an extra LCD key fobs when you always has your smartphone with you! The system works by detecting Pandora’s 128bit encrypted Bluetooth ID tags close to the van. You can then safely control the alarm using your factory OEM key. The Smart Pro then connects to your mobile phone through Bluetooth when close to the van and GSM when out of Bluetooth range, keeping you connected to your vehicle 24/7, anywhere in the world. Full alarm notifications will instantly appear on your smartphone.  If your van is attacked you are instantly notified by a phone call, Text & 3G PUSH notification. You can then control functions of the van alarm by in app buttons or calling the alarm system. Pandora Smartphone app allows you to monitor exact parameters and location of your vehicle at any time. In a car jacking scenario, where the vehicle is taken at force, You can safely shut the vehicle down by simply calling the alarm system and entering your secret code. This will also disable all Immobiliser tags. Works with both IOS & Android.Includes 2 wireless bluetooth sensor, protecting two doors In the back of the vehicle.  All of Pandora’s features rolled into one alarm system!


What’s included 

  • GSM smartphone control Anywhere in the world

  • Free 6 months free subscription*

  • Tracking and real time location

  • Bluetooth Smartphone app IOS & Android 

  • Smartwatch control

  • 2 x Pandora immobiliser tags

  • Minimum of 2 x engine immobiliser 

  • Controlled from vehicle factory remote.

  • Bluetooth Smartphone app IOS & Android 

  • 128 Bit Encryption on tags and app

  • 120db siren 

  • Anti-hijack with worldwide shut down(If switched on Anti-Hijack will void Thatcham criteria

  • Tilt sensor  - Detects vehicle jacking up, towing and wheel theft.

  • Dual Shock sensor  - Detects hard impact Light impact. 

  • Motion - Accelerometer, detects speed and movement, vehicle towing.

  • 2 x additional bluetooth sensors 

  • Option to add - Remote engine start.


*Yearly Subscription needed after free subscription period ends 

Smart Pro Van

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