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Welcome to the family of the most advanced and secure vehicle security systems, ever.

FAQ - YouTube links 

Here you will be able to find our helpful videos for your alarm system


1. How to override the alarm system in an emergency - How to disarm using your secret pin code - tag distance setting - setting your smartphone as a tag in an emergency.


2. Change batteries in LCD remote and immobiliser tag


3. Program and delete lost remotes - Light pro


4. How to silent arm and disarm your pandora alarm from your LCD remote


5. How to adjust proximity sensor at the sensor


6. How to turn off proximity sensor from lcd Remote


7. Valet mode - LCD remote


8.  Pairing your iPhone using Bluetooth to pandora alarm - PANDORA BT APP


9. Pairing your Android phone using Bluetooth to your Pandora alarm. Also deleting old phone and repairing new smartphone - PANDORA BT


10. Remote start - Manual transmission activation (Demo on Ford Fiesta)


11. Manual transmission mode - Remote Start (Demo on a Mk2 Ford Focus)



With your alarm system, you will be given a green membership card. keep this safe as you will need this if you need to override the alarm system, If this is lost, the alarm system will be useless so do not use it as we will not keep a record for security reasons. A new brain will have to be purchased if lost. 


Although your keys fobs have brand new batteries, it is advised to change the batteries every 3-6 months as the fobs are always searching for the signal. We advise that you keep some spare batteries in the car  just in case. 95% of support calls are simply down to the remotes batteries going dead. 


For The Smart Pro and Professional alarm systems, you will have an Alarm Contact number. Save this number so you know when you receive notifications to your phone. You will also need this number to renew your subscription. 


When your subscription is up, You will need to email with your alarm contact number to renew. put in your diary the date your subscription will run out so you do not miss it and you do not get charged a reativation fee. 


In case you need our help in an emergency, we advise that the best way to get through to us is through our Facebook page with your contact number or for any other support help, you can email who will usually respond within 2 working days. The more info you send, the quicker we can help so videos, photos and which alarm system to which car always helps. 



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