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Your factory alarm & immobiliser helps thieves.

Updated: May 30, 2022

We're seeing a lot of vehicles going missing. More and more each day, new and old, gone.

Not long ago it seemed to take longer to drive off with your pride and joy.

So, why is it so easy for thieves now?

Your factory alarm and immobiliser is helping them out.

Let me explain.

You'd expect modern motors to have modern security, and they do. Thieves also have modern methods of stealing, as we're all finding out from these ''car gone in 30 seconds'' videos. How are they doing it?

OBD port theft is a big issue. Using this method, a key can be cloned or the car started using coded commands. Even OBD port relocation doesn't do much to prevent this, as they can still be traced and found, then the vehicle driven off.

Code grabbing. You'll lock your car as normal, without realising your key's code has been stolen to be used when you least expect it.

Relay theft? This makes it super easy to get in and drive off. Keyless start or keyless entry vehicles are favourites for thieves. By boosting the signal that your key emits, thieves can not only gain entry, but even start your vehicle.

Whether you have a car, van, motorhome, or motorcycle, there's a way to steal your motor and get around the best manufacturer alarms or immobilisers.

So, your factory alarm and immobiliser-why don't they do anything? Why are they helping thieves out? The alarm doesn't sound, the immobiliser doesn't kick in, so what's the deal?

Well, they're tricked, then let the thieves get in and get away.

Let's face facts.

Factory systems are not strong enough security because they're not stopping vehicles going missing.

What can you do?

Chances are, you wonder if your pride and joy is in the same place every time you leave it. What about the satisfaction of wasting a thief's time when they're met with a 120db siren and a car that won't start?

Aftermarket alarm systems are designed to give you peace of mind, save you hassle and keep your money where it belongs. In your pocket (or on your driveway).

The most advanced thief time-wasting alarm systems are available from £500 fitted.

Drop us a message. Find out more. Beat the thieves.

Do what manufacturer's aren't. Secure your vehicle.

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