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Samsung Android watch Pandora Online App update

Smart watches have long been an integral part of the active lifestyle of modern people. They also significantly simplify the daily activities of a Pandora car alarm owner.

Our developers have ergonomically incorporated the basic system management functionality into your Samsung's "smart" watch on the Tizen platform, Also including the most up-to-date models of wearable gadgets.

Installing the app

Open the Galaxy Store on your smartphone or watch, enter Pandora Pro searches, and click "Install." When you first start on the watch, the app will request a PIN for quick authorization. Follow the instructions on the watch screen and enter the four-digit code from the app on your smartphone. No more settings are required, Pandora Pro syncs all the data with the installed system in a matter of seconds.

Including android smartphones of other manufacturers, via the Galaxy Wearable app**you want to remove the previous version of the program from the watch if it has been installed


The owner has access to a main screen with three tabs, which displays the status of the vehicle, as well as the geoposition. Switching between tabs is done by swiping left or right on the screen. Or by using the watches mechanical bezel (depending on the model of the watch).

With a long tap, the screen opens access to fast commands to control the security system: Switch on active security. Display the engine, start/stop and pre-launch heater or open/close the trunk. You can also swipe or spin the watch bezel or send a long tap to the screen. Displayed control commands can be selected in Pandora Online settings on your smartphone.

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