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Pandora Makes it Thatcham Certified

After the last year of the company working on growth and improving the systems, Pandora have been on the mission to get the Thatcham certification. With lots of discussion with Thatcham research, and a few updates, Pandora Car Alarms are now Thatcham approved.

What does this mean for you?

well to most customers looking for an alarm system, Thatcham may not be something they are looking for as most customers are looking for the best security system on the market. Most vehicles of today already has a manufactured Thatcham Cat 1 alarm system already fitted when the car was bought from the dealership but this is great news for those who want to make sure they are getting an upgraded system and has a certification from a well known Research centre that works closely with the insurance companies.

How do I know if my Pandora Alarm is Thatcham approved?

Any Alarm system fitted before 1st January 2020 will not have the thatcham approval however you can check this with your Pandora dealer

Can I upgrade my Pandora alarm to be Thatcham Approved?

Yes. Pandora are offering an upgrade Thatcham kit that can be booked in with your Pandora Dealer.

Whats changed now that Pandora is Thatcham approved?

Thatcham follows a strict criteria and now Pandora has all the requirements needed. This includes a Battery Back siren at 125db, internal sensor, additional immobiliser cut, and programming.

Why is Thatcham so important?

Since the early 1990s, Thatcham research introduced the Vehicle Security Assessment addressing the levels of vehicle crime. Thatcham Categories played an important role and has now become established as an industry benchmark used by insurance companies. Pandora was proven to be a great product with the amount of technology involved with the systems and was agreed that like most aftermarket alarm manufactures only having one or 2 thatcham certified alarm, decided to have all UK Pandora alarms Thatcham certified.

Do I need to upgrade my alarm to be Thatcham?

This is the owners choice if they would like to upgrade their alarm to thatcham. It would be advised to contact your insurance company first to see what they suggest. If your vehicle already has a Cat 1 Thatcham alarm system fitted to your vehicle already, they would very much unlikely to offer you an additional discount. although it would make sense that by having an additional alarm system is making your vehicle extra safe. Please note that in order to comply With Thatcham criteria, some features may not be enabled however please contact your Pandora dealer for more information.

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