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Pandora Watch 2

In the modern day we're surrounded by new technology and gadgets. Many of them, unfortunately, lack any differentiation from the rest of the products on the market.

At Pandora we take pride in creating the strongest and most advanced security systems available. What about accessories? We already offer a range of options, but how about something more convenient and usable than what's already on offer?

The new and limited edition Pandora Watch 2 is the first of its kind.

The only premium smart watch made specifically for your vehicle security system.

What does this mean? Let us explain.

This smart watch doesn't just sync with your phone to take calls, texts or notifications. It doesn't just act as a 128bit encrypted tag to your alarm system, either. This smart watch uses a completely custom user interface and operating system, so your pride and joy is at the heart of everything you do and see.

Remote start? Arming, or disarming? Viewing notifications from your alarm's event history? The Pandora Watch 2 can do it all from your wrist.

But is it safe?

Security is at the heart of this accessory, whilst being made to be fun and efficient to use. The latest Russian technology and a focus on user feedback creates an accessory exclusively available for Pandora customers.

On the inside you'll have Bluetooth 5.0, offering lower power consumption, better range and stronger security. The latest Bluetooth, along with the custom UI and OS make 10 day battery life possible, all with a constantly on display. Added to all of this, there's even a built in GPS receiver and pedometer. Be confident you're hitting your daily step goals with accurate calculations, all automatically tracked whilst you get on with your day.

Pandora Watch 2 was made for the customer, to improve convenience and offer a gadget for people who love their pride and joy, whilst still offering the high-end security you're used to. Leave your pandora tags at home, because you now have one on your wrist with the same high level of encryption you'd expect.

Being built with a titanium housing and compatible with readily available quick change straps, this is a true daily gadget, created to survive what life throws at you. Oh, and it's compatible with Apple and Android devices.

This is a limited edition accessory, for Pandora customers only.

Pre-order yours here to take advantage of the launch price offer until May 31st, and be one of the few to own this one of a kind, all-in-one smart watch for the Summer release.

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