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Over the weekend at the london Motorshow we launched our New Light Pro V2 and our Pandora Eye Pro. Both system are now in stock and ready to sell. The 3 minute video below runs through and shows you the system in action, fitted too @evolveautomotive Awesome M2 on our stand.

NEW OLED Pager remote

The new remote now has LoRa technology built in. it also has a larger OLED display with larger notification ICONs. Pandora have also done away with the AAA battery and replaced it with a full lithium rechargeable battery.

Bluetooth 5.0 chip

The alarm system now features a full Bluetooth 5.0 chip. range for smartphone connection has increased from 10meters anything up to 30meters range.

Bluetooth sensor pairing

The new light pro V2 can now pair up to 4 different external sensors. This means you can now protect more external areas such as garage door, bike rack van rear doors from door peal or even camper van rear doors or storage boxes.

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