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A 52% increase in car crime still proves very much a big issue

The fact that vehicle theft has increased by 5% in just one year and ultimately a staggering 52% over six years, proves it is still very much a big issue.”

This was the assertion made by Clive Wain, head of police liaison at stolen vehicle recovery expert Tracker, following the release of the latest Office for National Statistics Crime Survey for England and Wales which shows no let-up in in the subcategory “theft or unauthorised taking of a motor vehicle.”

“Thieves will always target vehicles with insufficient security, and technology such as keyless entry systems is providing more opportunities,” said Wain, whose camp is urging vehicle owners to be more vigilant than ever. “Criminals continue to stay one step ahead of manufacturers and a ‘relay attack’ is one method car thieves are increasingly adopting.

“While vehicle owners should take steps to protect themselves against this type of activity, it is worth remembering vehicle security should be MULTI-LAYERED Traditional physical barriers, such as crook locks and wheel clamps, are still very much a deterrent for thieves but still easily bypassed.

Fitting a tracking unit, meanwhile, is another protective strategy but again as only one layer of security could still allow your car to be stolen and potentially finding your tracker on the side of the road.

By having a security system offering both an alarm and immobilisers will be the biggest effective way to protect your car. Adding additional layers such as sensors, anti highjack, anti jamming, tracking and other barriers will often deterrent the thief from trying to attempt to take your vehicle.

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