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The Smart Moto

NEW Smart Pro with built in GPS antenna and 4.2 bluetooth Immobiliser tag.

Immobiliser tag allows, AntiHijack, 128 bit

dialogue encryption allows for secure use of OEM factory remote. 

Bluetooth 4.2 Tag

Pandora app

New mobile applications for Android and iOS Pandora BT application allows you to set remote and automatic engine start parameters, shock/tilt/motion sensors sensitivity, it also allows you to adjust radio tags for Hands Free function and use your mobile phone as a radio tag. The system provides a reliable connection with all smartphones that supports Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy protocol.


Click video link for full demo of AntiHijack

AntiHijack 1 & 2 helps protect you against car jacking. 


Please note, by switching Anti-hijack on this will void Thatcham rating of this alarm system

Remote start

*Optional extra

*Spare key maybe needed.

Start and warm up your car

from your smartphone, with

your Pandora security system

still fully armed.



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Product Description

Pandora Online for Android / Pandora Pro for iPhone application allows full system management and real-time tracking of your vehicle from your mobile phone or from the Pandora website on the internet
In addition, you can instantly update the alarm for any violation, Geofence control of your vehicle and the entire history of the alarm.

With the power consumption being just a few milliamps (mA) in "on" mode, a special algorithm checks the life of the main battery and when it starts running out, it switches to off power mode which, for a long time, in conjunction with built-in battery, provides effective protection for several months.

Anti-Jammer Function: Pandora Smart MOTO has an extra protection shield for the ultimate safety of your vehicle. When "Active Protection" is enabled, Pandora's alarm system is in constant communication with the company's internet servers to control real-time GSM / GPS signals. Thus, even if the aspiring thieves try to use special equipment to block the GSM or GPS signal, with jammer devices, by cutting each alert communication, Pandora's SERVER recognizes it and informs the owner via Notification Push and E-mail.

The presence of the Bluetooth 4.2 interface allows you to use the additional DMS-100BT wireless sensors to protect your garage or suitcase as well as the BTR-101 wireless relay for ultimate theft protection even if the thieves find and unplug the basic alarm unit.

Protected Areas

With Pandora SMART MOTO you can protect the following independent zones by receiving the relevant updates on your mobile phone or on the Pandora web site:

  • Lifting / tilting

  • Movement

  • Vibration (warnings)

  • Vibration (alarm)

  • Engine blocking

  • Fall machine in an accident

  • Ignition ON

  • Rider seat

  • Critical battery voltage drop

  • Baggage

  • Side luggage

  • 2-band volumetric (additional)

Phone System Management

Control the system from your phone using text code, up to 30 commands like:

>> Stop the engine

>> Enable engine blocking

>> Request current coordinates

GSM and GPS/GLONASS integration

No distance between you and your motorcycle, all of the triggered shock sensor notification, tilt and movement come to your mobile phone instantly.

Also with integrated Pandora NAV-03, allows the owner to get the coordinates of a motorcycle on your mobile phone at any time upon request.

Wireless radio communication with the main unit in order to be hidden in different location.

Arming/disarming in Hands Free mode

Moving with the remote tag away from the motorcycle the system will be armed automatically. When you get back and moving with the remote tag toward to the motorcycle the system will be disarmed automatically.

Interactive Dynamic Code

It guarantees the impossibility of intellectual (electronic) hacking.

Compatible with Pandora Alarm Studio

It is possible to configure and customize the system to authorized installers via a computer.

Total protection

Wireless protection: Wireless technology gives the freedom to place individual peripheral units at any point and the more hidden they are.
Anti-Jammer mode: "Active Protection" provides continuous communication with the company's internet servers in order to control real-time GSM / GPS signals.
Immobilizer mode: Immobilizer mode prevents the engine from starting without the presence of Tag.
Anti-hijack mode: AntiHiJack prevents the machine from trying to force the machine even when the engine is running
Accelerator digital sensor:Integrated digital acceleration sensor for motion and vibration recognition.
Micro base unit: The Pandora Smart Moto features the smallest central unit in the market, enabling it to be positioned almost anywhere on the machine.

Built-in Backup Battery

Pandora SMART MOTO's main unit has a built-in backup battery that will allow the alarm to remain in contact after the malfunction of the battery, promptly reporting this to its owner.

Built-in Mini-USB port

It allows you to connect the system to a computer for software updates and settings.

High Energy Efficiency

Modern 32-bit ARM processors have intelligent algorithms for lower power consumption of up to 2 mA

For more information and to organise an install please contact our Pandora Motorbike Platinum dealer Motorbike Dynamics Ltd

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