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High End Car Alarms London

At Pandora Car Alarms, we have a specialist team with extensive expertise in high end car alarms in London. We provide high performance systems with advanced alarm technology. Our products are designed for many high end vehicles with a focus on superior protection. 

We offer a wide range of smart high end car alarms in London such as The Elite, The Smart Pro, The Mini Bt, The Light Pro, The Storm and The Storm Plus.

Experts In High End Car Alarms London


Your vehicle requires the best high end car alarms in London to avoid dangerous car thefts. Scroll through a variety of high end vhicle alarms in London which are tailored to your car for maximum protection. 


The elite by Pandora - Control your entire high end car alarm system in London with a special lora radio frequency and give yourself 24/7 antihijacking access to give you the ultimate protection experience for your car.


Pandora Smart Pro V3 - This new security system is focused on full control with your smartphone. The military encrypted device massively creates a barrier of safety through GSM connection making sure you stay closer to your vehicle.


The Mini BT - This superior car alarm protects against car theft. It includes Pandora BT Bluetooth app for smartphone control and alarm adjustment. Other features include the handsfree arming & disarming, anti-hijack, and remote start as an optional extra feature.


Pandora Light Pro - Our best selling high end car alarm system in London has better max protection by including military grade protection with longer range coverage with the immobiliser tag. Take full control and have a system that identifies intruders with long range sensor scanning guarding your car.

The Storm - The most secure high end car alarm immobiliser in London with many upgrade features to use including secure remote engine start or full smartphone control and tracking with Pandora NAV-X. Protect your high end car in London with secure secret passcodes to enhance your car.


Pandora Storm Plus - This immobilisor is focused on complete coverage anywhere having full access to enhancing your luxurious car with high performance security systems. The special high end car alarm technology gives the user the ultimate protective experience, with military grade 128bit encryption and global access to your alarm through your smartphone.

High End Car Security Systems in London


We are experts in high end car security in London providing advanced systems proven to have long term reliability and effectiveness. Having 20 years experience in high end vehicle security in Lodon will benefit all drivers, as our efforts are focused on securing modern vehicles to prevent high end car theft.


For direct specialist to give you a personalised vehicle security service contact us for a free quote.


London: 0203 970 4970 


Redditch: 0121 281 6585

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