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The most powerful alarm, worldwide.

The UK's first system with 4G, Bluetooth 5.0, and features you never thought possible. 

The Elite has no competition.

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bluetooth pandora car alarms elite v2 ca
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a-Pandora Car Alarms GPS tear drop LOgo.

Worldwide phone control.

The Elite allows you to remotely immobilise your compatible vehicle, straight from your smartphone. You're always one stop ahead. 

Everything from enabling active security, changing your sensor sensitivity, or even remote starting your vehicle.

Anywhere. In. The. World.

Encrypted ID tags.

Poorly encrypted two-way remotes are a thing of the past. Say hello to a seamless security experience.

The 128bit encryption allows you to use your OEM remote to arm & disarm your system. 

Compatible as an encrypted ID tag with Bluetooth technology, keeping you in control and up to date up to a mile away from your vehicle.

Pandora's 128bit encryption protects against relay boosting or code-grabbing as standard.

Pandora car alarms eliote v2 stolen car

Your new LoRa, OLED remote.

Own an Android


Securely use your Android smartphone as an encrypted Pandora ID tag.

pandora small android pandora bt car ala
iphone xMax blue.png

Bespoke sensor adjustment, made easy.

Adjust your alarm sensors in seconds with a sliding scale adjustment, or temporarily turn them off with a touch of a button.

*Additional sensor cannot be digitally adjusted.

ID tag customisation.

Fine tune the distance of your Pandora ID tag using a sliding scale adjuster on the app. Quick and easy.

Other features such as hands free arming or disarming is just as easy to set up. Security doesn't need to be difficult.

pandora small android pandora bt car ala
iphone xMax data transmission SCREEN SHO

Chronological event history, anywhere.

Any alarm activation, triggered warning sensor, journey, or even time you filled up fuel.

It's all accessible straight from your smartphone with time, location and vehicle information saved alongside.

pandora small android pandora bt car ala

The first car alarm

to use 4G LTE. 

Our new 4G LTE platform means even better reliability, connectivity, and data transfer speeds than ever before. 

We believe in innovation, and we're proud to be the first to raise industry standards.

Pandora Elite

With FREE 6 months unlimited online & GSM usage included.

After the 6 month free period ends, SIM packages can be purchased for 6 & 12 month periods. 


Introducing the all new Pandora Elite. The worlds best and most advanced car alarm just got even better. With all new features, making full use of the latest technology. The Pandora Elite will keep you updated real time through its long range OLED pager remote, built in GSM modem which calls, test and also communicates through 4G. Receive important alarm and service notifications straight through the mobile phone network. Just call the system number and enter a command to control or configure your system. All this can be done anywhere in the world using Pandora’s specially designed smartphone app. Available for both iOS & Android.The Pandora Elite now also has a 5.0 Bluetooth modem. This allows for short range control from your smartphone even if your phone doesn’t have phone signal. Pandora Elite car alarm package also includes up to 5 immobilisers points on your vehicle all controlled by you. This includes two hidden wireless Bluetooth immobilisers. These immobiliser can be hidden anywhere in the car killing important electrical circuits stopping the car from starting or moving. With no wires to follow it’s almost impossible to find these hidden immobiliser easily! Please note: Extra fitting charge will be added for all immobilisation points to be fitted to your vehicle. Call/email and ask our support team for more information.

Note: To use the Online & GSM features of this alarm system you will need a subscription.

You will receive the first 6 months for Free. After the free period to continue using the alarm online & GSM features, the cost will be 6 months £60 or 12 months £100. If you decide not to pay for the online services your alarm will still function as a security system with Bluetooth control. For more information on this, please contact us at

pandora car alarms elite v2 bluetooth 5.
Pandora car alarm professional.jpg

Product Description

NEW OLED - Rechargeable 2-Way Remote 

Let’s start with the all NEW OLED pager remote. The remote to any security system and it’s encryption is the most important part to any alarm system. Let’s face it! You can add as many engine immobilisers and sirens as you like to your vehicle, but if the alarm systems remote transmission signal is poor it can be easily controlled, caught or jammed by an modern car thief. Most aftermarket alarm systems use an older 456mhz rolling code transmission. Which can be easily jammed or hacked by simple equipment which can be bought from sites such as Ebay. This then gives the car thief full control over your whole alarm system! Not good! With Pandora’s world class remote featuring 856mhz frequency and super secure dynamic dialogue AES-128 encryption, this makes the P Elite, one of the most secure aftermarket alarm remotes in the world! Making it near impossible for any car thief to take your vehicle, using any handheld scanning or hacking equipment. The NEW super bright OLED display also uses a NEW multichannel jamproof 868 MHz radio signal, By using 868mhz this gives a longer transmission range with faster more reliable delivery of alarm alert notifications straight to the OLED display. Especially in built up areas like towns or cities with lots of radio interference. For the first time, Pandora remote no features a built-in Li-Po battery with USB port to charge and update the remote. No more changing of dead batteries! What all this means is the most secure aftermarket remote in the world. Why choose anything less to secure your car? 


Sim Package

To use the Online & GSM features of this alarm system you will need a SIM card package supplied by us or an authorised dealer.You will receive the first 6 months period for Free, which is activated on the day of installation automatically by your installer. This will be registered in the owners name. After the free period ends, to continue using the alarm online & GSM features including texts, packages can be purchased as 6 months or 12 months. If you decide not to continue with the subscription after the free period your alarm will still function as a security system with Bluetooth control, but with out the GSM and online connection. Subscription is registered in your name and packages are non transferable. As these are packages, you have 21 days of activation to cancel for a refund of the remainder of the term left. After this period the subscription can not be cancelled.


For more information on this and cost of packages, please contact us at or click on term and Conditions below

5.0 Bluetooth Tags 

Next is the 5.0 Bluetooth immobiliser tags. These tags are what make Pandora car alarm systems so secure and ahead in the aftermarket car alarm world. The miniature encrypted Bluetooth tag works by telling the alarm system it’s you and not an attack from a car thief. It’s simple! If the wireless tag isn’t present, the alarm system and all it’s security features including engine immobiliser simply won’t disarm! What this means is you can also still securely use your vehicles OEM key fob, or if fitted, your vehicles keyless entry system to safely lock and unlock your vehicle and arm/disarm the pandora. No other aftermarket alarm manufacturer offers AES-128 security tags and can offer this feature to securely control their car alarm. So, how does does the Pandora secure when other non tag aftermarket alarms can’t? if anyone try’s unlocking your vehicle by either stealing you factory car key or using high tech scanning equipment to unlock your vehicle. If the Pandora tag isn’t present, the pandora will activate notifying you instantly and still stay completely immobilised, until the tag is reintroduced back into the system. This gives the user the convenience to still use their vehicles factory remote or keyless entry system. 


See video for full demonstration


The Pandora Elite comes with not one, but two proximity tags. Each proximity tag tells the car Alarm system it’s you controlling the system. As long as the user has this somewhere on them in their bag, pocket or wallet, the alarm system will disarm all security features allowing the user to drive the vehicle. The tags also Feature the same super secure AES-128 encryption for maximum security. 


Handsfree Arming 

The alarm system also has Pandora HandsFree arming. Using the pandora proximity tag the system can automatically arm the vehicle completely handsfree. No more fuddling around for the remote in your pocket or bag, the user can simply walk away from the vehicle and at a set distance will arm the system. You will also receive a notification to both the OLED remote and your smartphone confirming the system has successfully armed through handsfree. The distance can also be set by the user though the Pandora Smartphone app with adjustable operating distance. The tag also has a button built into the remote for arming/disarming the system in an emergency. 


Android smartphone as a Tag

If you own an Android phone, you can also set your Smartphone as the alarms Bluetooth tag. Why carry round an extra tag when you can use your smartphone as a tag. The Pandora Elite uses your phones Bluetooth technology and the Pandora Smartphone app to turn your Smartphone into your Bluetooth tag. The smartphone can be used for Pandora Handsfree arming,Anti-hijack and arming and disarming the system. Please note when using your smartphone as a tag you phone battery needs to be fully charged. For reasons only that if your phone battery dies you won’t be able to drive or disarm the system. This feature only works reliable on newer Android phones. Call/email and ask our support team for more information.


Pandora Anti-Hijack

Pandora Anti-hijack when fitted protects the user from potential car jacking. With the increase of vehicle owners being violently attacked for their vehicles whilst driving. Stage one of the pandora hijack sequence is to take the dangerous car jacker and all their weapons away from you and your family. Stage two will activate after a set period of time, warming the user the pandora Anti-hijack has been activated, by a serious of beeps from the siren and flashes from the vehicles hazard lights to warn other road users. Stage three is to safely immobilise the engine stopping the car from driving. The user can keep track of the vehicle through their Smartphone and the Pandora app. There are two ways you can activate Anti-Hijack. By either the pandora Bluetooth immobiliser tag leaving the vehicle or remote shut down from your smartphone, anywhere in the world! This gives you the user full control of your vehicle and authorise. Tag distance can be set by the user through your Pandora smartphone app.

Please note, by switching Anti-hijack on this will void Thatcham rating. 



GSM & Bluetooth 5.0 Smartphone Control

The Pandora Elite keeps you connected to your alarm system through your Smartphone. Using Pandora’s Smartphone app for both android and IOS, the system uses the latest GSM and Bluetooth technology to keep you connected to your vehicle anywhere in the world. Instant real time alarm notification, important *vehicle parameters such as vehicle temperature,fuel level & battery voltage keeps you updated 24/7. Text or call your alarm system and when it sees your phone number, enter a secret pin code to control important engine immobilisation, remote engine start (if installed) as well as a whole host of other functions. Choose to receive lock, unlock, alarm and warning sensor notifications again through text, call or internet. Giving you up to dat notification even in the poorest signal areas. For close range where no phone signal is available, the Elite V2 connects to your smartphone through 5.0 Bluetooth. From here important tag settings, sensors adjustments as well as Arm, disarm functions can also be performed. 

Owner’s personal safety, In case of a car accident, the system will automatically detect it and send notifications to emergency services and owner’s close ones. All notifications are supplemented with car current coordinates and web links to online map services. 

*Please note: These systems settings needs to be configured by the user. App parameters vehicle dependent. 


Remote engine start (optional extra)

Remote engine start for both Automatic & Manual vehicles with either the older style ignition key or Push button start. In the cold winter months, Remote start your car from the warmth of your home/office before coming out to your vehicle. *Switch on heated seats, climate control and other vehicle heating aids all from your long range OLED remote or your smartphone anywhere in the world. All this with the Pandora Professional system still fully armed protecting your vehicle. If the alarm system is activated, the pro V2 simply shuts the car down. In the hotter summer months, switch on *AC to call the vehicle down. 

*Please Note: Vehicle heating aids and R/S control functions are vehicle dependant.  Call/email or support team for more information on what works on your vehicle. 


Full video below of Remote start in action.


Pandora Elite Sensors 

Now, for the first time. All our alarm packages now include a total of 5 Pandora additional sensors. This gives your alarm system the eyes and ears to protect every corner of your vehicle.

These detect..

Tilt - Detects vehicle jacking up, towing and wheel theft.

Shock zone - Hard impact detection, brick through window.

Shock warn - Light impact warning detection.

Motion - Accelerometer, detects speed and movement, vehicle towing or froward/backwards rolling of the vehicle. 

*FREE Dual Proximity sensor with Warn away

Internal cabin motion detection & external Warn away chirps, Warn Anyone who comes with in a set distance of the front passenger and driver side windows. 

*Please Note: The dual Proximity sensor does not work on every vehicle. read below for more information on this sensor and how it may not work on your vehicle. 

All the above sensors can be adjusted and switch on/off from the Pandora smartphone app anywhere in the world. 



Integrated GPS/GLONASS receiver

Track, locate with real time movement all from your smartphone or laptop/desktop. Login to see what speed and how your vehicle is being driven. An integrated GPS/GLONASS receiver has low power consumption and high sensitivity. This allows the system to decrease time for detecting coordinates and to increase tracking accuracy in urban conditions. By loving in using a desktop/laptop control Fleet management, GEO fence and active security. 


Product Description

The Elite is a new top-of-the-range Pandora system. The system combines the most advanced software and hardware solutions in the field of car security systems. The base unit of the system contains the maximum number of integrated components. At the same time, it is so small that it can fit in the palm of your hand.

The system has a two-way remote control and two radio tags. The Professional allows you to control your car and receive all information about it using the mobile application by an Internet or Bluetooth connection. The system set also includes a blocking radio relay and a relay module for remote engine start.


D-020 Remote control

D-020 is a new leader in transmitting commands and receiving information at a record distance from the system. An updated protocol with 868 MHz frequency provides high-quality data transfer in the conditions of radio interference of a modern city. A high contrast OLED display, LED status indicator, sound and vibro-notifications, built-in USB port, Li-Po battery and control buttons provide maximum ergonomics and easy operation of the system and vehicle.


868 MHz Radio interface

The NEW OLED display remote, uses A multichannel jamproof 868 MHz radio signal, which provides a much more reliable connection. Using 868mhz gives a longer transmission range and faster delivery of alert notifications. 


Bluetooth tags

Miniature Bluetooth tags are included in the system set. The tag has a button for arming/disarming. Bluetooth interface allows implementing a reliable Hands Free function with adjustable operating distance & immobilizer.

Integrated Bluetooth 5.0 Low Energy protocol

BLUETOOTH 5.0 Low Energy protocol allows configuring, controlling your system by mobile applications (without Internet-connection), using a phone as a radio tag, connecting additional modules (blocking radio relays, engine compartment module, wireless sensors, etc.).


Digital protection

Modern dynamic dialogue AES encryption with 128-bit keys guarantees impossibility of electronic hack and theft.

Internet service and mobile applications

Mobile applications Pandora Pro (iOS) and Pandora Online (Android) combine your vehicle, telemetry system, smartphone and smart watches into one platform. You can configure and control all of your vehicles with the multifunctional Pandora applications and Internet-service Integrated 4G GSM interface

GSM connection expands a zone where you can control the system and receive alarm and service notifications to the cellular network coverage area. Just call the system number and enter a command to control or configure your system. Enable SMS and voice notifications and the system will notify you in case of any alarm events.


Owner’s personal safety

In case of a car accident, the system will automatically detect it and send notifications to emergency services and owner’s close ones. All notifications are supplemented with car current coordinates and web links to online map services.


Remote and automatic engine starts

The system allows you to remotely start and stop the engine or to set automatic engine start by different parameters (by time, voltage or temperature). The system performs a reliable control over the engine operating parameters and your vehicle status. The Turbo timer and Ignition backing functions allows to work correctly with turbocharged engines and to leave a car armed without a key inside while the engine is running.


Control over engine pre-heaters

If your car has an engine heater, you can control it using a Pandora system. Try the most modern and effective way to heat your car before or while driving.


Bypass of an original car immobiliser

An integrated algorithmic bypass of an original car immobiliser and Pandora CLONE servers allow the system to bypass or clone an original car key in order to implement the remote engine start function for many modern cars.

Integrated GPS/GLONASS receiver

An integrated GPS/GLONASS receiver has low power consumption and high sensitivity. This allows the system to decrease time for detecting coordinates and to increase tracking accuracy in urban conditions.


Integrated accelerometer

An integrated 3D accelerometer and elaborate algorithms allows the system to control the vehicle shock/tilt/motion security zones and perform engine blocking on movement starting. New high sensitive and reliable accelerometer provides smart protection and prevents false alarms.


Integrated power back-up

A built-in battery allows extending operating time of the system to promptly notify the owner in the cases of an unauthorised disconnection of the onboard power supply.


Multi System digital interface

Three digital CAN-busses and two digital LIN-busses simplify integration and increase the system functionality on modern vehicles.



Vehicles perimeters

All our Pandora systems are designed to work on almost any vehicle. But every vehicle manufacturer is different. On most installs, our systems talk digitally through the vehicles CANbus network or by adding external temperature sensors. The information read by the alarm system through the CANbus network won't always be exact. Therefore  in some small cases the fuel, temperature and other vehicle perimeters may not display on the Pandora app vehicle dependent. If they do display, most of the time we can adjust to be as close as we can to the true reading. Normally between 0-20% of the original vehicle reading itself. 

Vehicles factory OEM alarm systems.

Most modern cars are fitted with a factory immobiliser and/or alarm system. These alarms can be updated by the vehicle manufacturer at anytime when your vehicle goes in for a service or remotely at anytime through the SIM card built into the vehicles BCM. To gain control of the OEM alarm system on any vehicle fully, we sometimes need to use an external Pandora Module (POA) which controls your spare OEM remote. This then gives your Pandora system full control of your Factory settings, including on some vehicles mirror closure, dead locks, roof closure and control of the OEM arm and disarm. On some vehicles if the extra module is not used, you will still be able to arm the pandora and lock the vehicle through your OEM remote and the Pandora remote/app. However on some vehicles, You can disarm the Pandora and unlock the car remotely through the OEM remote, but not through pressing disarm on the Pandora control. Please ask your installer for more information on your vehicle. 

We have found the motion and warn away sensor only work on a number of vehicles. Some vehicles that are fitted with internal factory and aftermarket electrical devices can interfere with the sensor causing intermittent false alarms. Factory fitted DAB antennas, internet modems or dongles, security sensors and other aftermarket wireless devices including dash cams, can cause interference to the sensor causing Intermittent false alarms. The sensor is FREE with this package. Your installer will fit this sensor to your vehicle unless you choose not to. If after the system is fitted and the sensor does false alarm, it will need to be disabled in the smartphone app. Most of the time the false alarms are caused by the sensor being set too high. And simply turning it down through the smartphone app will stop most false alarms. However, It is advised that you do not buy this alarm system solely for this sensor as it may not work on your vehicle and may need switching off. 

Own a smart watch?

pandora car alarms iwatch apple smartwat

Control & stay connected with your vehicle using the specially designed Pandora smart watch app, for IOS & Android. Instant alarm notifications are sent straight to your watch. Arm, disarm & remote start your alarm with a single press of the watch face.

Pandora Remote engine start Light+.jpg


AntiHijack 1 & 2 helps protect you against car jacking. 

Click the video link for a full demo of Anti-hijack.

Please note, by switching anti-hijack on this will void the Thatcham certification.

Remote start

Start and warm up your car

from your smartphone, with

your Pandora security system

still fully armed.

*Optional extra

*Spare key may be needed.

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