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About Pandora Car Alarms

Pandora car alarms are a newer product to the UK market, finally being made available just some years ago. We've seen a massive surge in popularity for the advanced systems, proving their long term reliability and effectiveness within the high end vehicle alarm industry.

Along with being the UK distributor for the Pandora system's, we also have over 20 years experience in vehicle security. With this including alarms, immobilisers and security accessories, it allows us to transfer our wealth of knowledge onto prospective customers and better secure their vehicles with a strong understanding of modern vehicle theft. We have found great success in providing peace of mind for customers across the country by preventing relay theft, OBD port theft, code grabbing and even key theft. Popular vehicles we install car alarms to include, but are not limited to brands such as BMW, Audi, Ford, Mercedes, Subaru, Porsche, Land Rover, Volkswagen, and Abarth, amongst all others. There's almost no limit to what vehicles we can protect.

With premises now in Birmigham, London & Manchester, along with a growing network of authorised dealers, we are able to provide high end car alarms nationwide.

We have specially designed and built our own OBD port & engine immobilisers, to help secure our customer's vehicles against vulnerabilities, including the common key cloning OBD port theft. In a world of wireless devices, key cloning and key scanning is the cause of thousands of stolen vehicles across Europe. We are always searching for new ways to secure your car, and are constantly releasing new and upgraded equipment to advance vehicle security.

By offering 128bit encryption,  856mhz LoRa pager remotes, Bluetooth 5.0 Immobiliser tags, Bluetooth and GSM phone control and more, we offer technologically superior car, van, bike and motorhome alarms, enabling the highest level security available.

Pandora alarm systems can include physical and digital immobilisation, including immobilisation to push buttons and OBD ports. All of our alarm systems are now Thatcham Cat 1 certified.

All these factors make Pandora amongst the strongest aftermarket alarm systems in the world.


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