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Proximity Sensor 

Additional dual zone sensor 

The additional motion sensor also know as a proximity sensor or a microwave sensor. This can be added to any of our Pandora alarm system packages for an additional £50.00. This will give you internal cabin protection or zone 1. We mount the sensor itself somewhere  in the centre of the vehicle, to give an even protection around the inside of your vehicle cabin area (ZONE 1) If any motion is detected inside the cabin area the alarm will be instantly activated. This sensor is seen as an important extra which should be added to any alarm system. 


With this sensor there is also a second warn away sensor built into the unit (ZONE 2) We have found the warn away (ZONE 2) sensor work on 80% of vehicles with no issues. However, when fitted to some vehicles, it can constantly false alarm or simply not work at all. All though not all vehicles, but some vehicles fitted with internal factory electronics and aftermarket electrical wireless antennas can interfere with the sensor causing intermittent false alarms. Factory fitted DAB antennas, internet modems or dongles, security sensors, trackers and other aftermarket wireless devices including dash cams and trackers, can cause interference to the sensor causing Intermittent false alarms. or the sensor not to work at all. Originally, the dual zone additional sensor used to be sold for £75.00 with the two zones. We now only charge £50.00 for this sensor charging only for ZONE 1 and giving ZONE 2 for FREE. If the FREE ZONE 2 doesn't function correctly on your vehicle after installation, it will simply be switched off. The internal ZONE will be left on and the additional cost of the sensor of £50.00 will still be charged.  

Zone 1 - Senses internal motion inside the vehicles cabin. Activating the alarm instantly.

ZONE 2 (FREE ZONE) - Senses external motion, giving a number of warning beeps from the siren, showing an alarm has been fitted to the vehicle and to step back.

The sensor works on 80% of vehicles with no issues. However, please don't buy this alarm system simply for warn away, just incase it doesn't work on your vehicle. 

Tinted windows

Some vehicles fitted with (Either factory fit or aftermarket) window tints, security film or made of a certain protective material can block the signal of the additional warn away sensor, stopping it from working all together, or making it hard to set up correctly. If you are having Tinted windows fitted as an aftermarket upgrade it is always worth checking if the tint is ceramic or metallic. Always opt for ceramic where possible.


Your installer will fit this sensor as an extra to your alarm if requested. If after the system is fitted and the FREE zone 2 does false alarm or not function, it will need to be disabled, either through the smartphone app, LCD pager remote or switched off completely by your installer. In some cases the false alarms are caused by the sensor being set too high and simply turning it down will stop most false alarms. However, It is advised that you do not buy this alarm system solely for this sensor as it may not work on your vehicle and may need the external zone disabling.

In the wireless world we live in, unfortunately a few things can interfere with the additional sensor outside the vehicle too. The worst cause of interference is long range home broadband. All it takes is for your neighbour to have it installed and that night, your prox will randomly false alarm.


There are a few other things which can interfere with the prox which you can check for. 


Metal objects placed in the centre console, like coins, keys or metallic objects.


Any wireless devices, for example iPod, iPhone, MP3 player with either wifi or Bluetooth switched on.


Leaving a mobile phone inside the car will false alarm the warn away too


Super fast powerful broadband routers near the vehicle as wifi routers interfere with them too. At my house the broadband router is just inside the front door. If I drive the car onto my drive forwards I get false alarms. But if I reverse it on it doesn't false alarm. 


Dash cams with motion park mode switch on


Some trackers work on the same frequency


9 times out of 10 it's something interfering with the prox which is inside or near the car. It's very rarely ever a faulty prox

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