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The NEW Pandora Camper

Thatcham approved Category 1

NEW Bluetooth 5.0 ID Tags & real time tracking & SmartPhone control through both Bluetooth & GSM.

The Camper is a NEW type of motorhome security system. With full Thatcham Category one rating, It’s designed to put you in full control of your vehicle through your Smartphone. The system works by detecting Pandora’s encrypted Bluetooth ID tags close to the vehicle. If the tag is detected, You can then safely control the alarm using your factory OEM key. This feature protects your camper from the latest OBD port and key cloning relay theft.

The Camper also connects to your smartphone for full control anywhere in the world. When close to the vehicle the alarm will connect to your smartphone through Bluetooth connection. As soon as the Bluetooth connection is out of range, the alarm will switch over to GSM, keeping you connected to your camper 24/7, anywhere in the world. If your camper is attacked you will be instantly notified through through your smartphone with a phone call, Text message and/or 3G PUSH notification. You can then control all functions of the alarm through the NEW specialised designed 3D Camper app app, designed for both IOS & Android. Pandora Smartphone app also allows you to monitor full vehicle parameters such as engine and cabin temperature, fuel reading and battery level. Pandora As well as the precise location of your vehicle at all times.

In a car jacking scenario, where the vehicle is taken at force, You can safely stop the vehicle from starting by simply calling the alarm system and entering your secret code. This will also disable all Immobiliser tags. All of Pandora’s features rolled into one alarm system!

As most motorhomes can be parked up for long periods of time, Pandoras have special designed the Camper with NEW low battery draw technology, giving your vehicle longer battery life.

Package also includes 4 x bluetooth wireless motion sensors, with Built in digital accelerometer and Magnetic read switch. These sensors detect motion, opening of doors or windows. And can be easily mounted in seconds on roof racks, bike racks, garage doors, external storage boxes and much more. System can also be controlled easily from the short range Bluetooth remote with OLED display. Three button control used for LOCK/ARM - DISARM & Function button. Built in rechargeable LI-LON battery with full alarm notification displayed on OLED screen. Bluetooth battery back up siren and special «Stay Home mode» in app button protects the living accommodation and luggage compartments even when owners are inside the Camper.

All of Pandora’s great features rolled into one alarm system protecting your Camper to the max!

What’s included 

Bluetooth short range OLED remote

Bluetooth battery backup siren

2 x Pandora immobiliser tags

GSM smartphone control Anywhere in the world

GPS/GLONASS Tracking and real time location

Bluetooth Smartphone app IOS & Android Smartwatch control

6 months free subscription*

2 x Pandora immobiliser tags

Minimum of 2 x engine immobiliser 

Controlled from vehicle factory remote.

Bluetooth Smartphone app IOS & Android 

128 Bit Encryption on tags and app

120db siren Anti-hijack with worldwide starter kill

Tilt sensor  - Detects vehicle jacking up, towing and wheel theft.

Dual Shock sensor  - Detects hard impact Light impact. Motion -

Accelerometer, detects speed and movement, vehicle towing.

4 x Bluetooth wireless sensors - which can be fitted too doors, external storage box or roof/bike rack, Handsfree arming & disarming Option to add - Remote engine start.

Alarm Ultra low power consumption Stay home mode

Fitted - £1150.00

For more info, click link below.

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