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The Elite. Raising the bar of vehicle security.

We know any Pandora car alarm protects your vehicle from the likes of relay theft, OBD port attacks or key cloning, code grabbing, and even key theft.

We also know they offer additional features for security and convenience, such as anti hijack, GPS/GLONASS tracking, as well as adjustable sensors and hands free locking.

But Pandora now has a new flagship system-the Elite. The Elite is designed to create a new standard of functionality, building off the superior protection Pandora offers and adding in improved connectivity that isn't offered elsewhere.

How has the Elite raised standards?

4G. LoRa technology. Bluetooth 5.0. M7 processor. Separate RF antenna. Separate GSM antenna. Upgraded remote.

What do these mean?

4G isn't widely used for car alarms, however the Elite makes use of 4G for faster speeds in order to download data and execute commands without delay. The additional GSM antenna prevents signal dropouts too, so you're connected at all times.

LoRa technology is used for long range and secure data transmission, using very little power. This means your long range remote really is long range.

Paired with the RF antenna, you'll be getting better remote signal than ever before.

Bluetooth 5.0 isn't just more reliable, and faster at connecting, but you can also have more devices synced to your alarm. If you need additional Bluetooth sensors or immobilisers, the Elite can have many. There's no limit to how secure it can be.

The M7 processor is fast. It needs to be. The components inside the Elite are exceptional, but only work as well as the unit powers them. The M7 makes sure everything runs smoothly, as you'd expect in a market leading vehicle alarm.

The long range remote? You asked, we listened. It's now usable as your immobiliser tag, so you don't have to carry extra gadgets with you. It comes with 128bit encryption, so you have peace of mind when it comes to relay scanning, code grabbing or cloning.

That's not all, that's just the new stuff. Of course you get all the other features we offer, such as: 120db battery backup siren, shock sensor, tilt sensor, movement sensor, internal sensor, GPS/GLONASS tracking and worldwide notifications to your smartphone. You can also choose to have anti hijack, which will let you call your alarm to remotely immobilise your vehicle.

It's the most advanced vehicle security system for a reason.

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