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The Storm Plus

Immobilser & GPS Tracking 

Simple but so effective: not only does this system protect you from the latest car theft but it’s also designed to keep you fully connected via your smart phone at all times from anywhere. With just keeping the drivers tag on your person as you use your vehicle, You can then safely control the alarm using your factory OEM key. when away from your vehicle, you can see your vehicle status from your phone keeping you connected to your vehicle 24/7, anywhere in the world.


  • 2x immobilisation points with physical cuts 

  • Anti Hijack remotely shut down from your phone

  • GPS phone tracking 

  • GSM phone notifications plus calls/texts

  • 2x Immobilisation Driver tags

  • 6 months free phone control subscription 

    Additional Extras:

  • Remote start 

  • Pandora Key

  • Pandora Key Guard

  • Pandora band

  • Additional Drivers tags

  • Bluetooth door/bonnet sensors (great for Vans)


start your vehicle from you OEM key or your mobile phone [Demo here]

FAQ Storm Plus

Q: will it drain my car battery?

A: This system will only draw as little as 15 milliamps, and even less when it enters intelligent sleep mode after roughly 24hours


Q: is the System transferable from vehicle to vehicle 

A: Yes you can transfer the system onto another car, please contact your installer for a quote. 

Q: is there a subscription for this system?

A: Yes You will get the first 6 months free then after it’s £70 for 6 months or £125 for 12 months which you can pay Pandora car alarms UK direct. 

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