Range Rover Package

This package is tailored to protect JLR Group vehicles which include Jaguar, Land Rover and Range Rover vehicles.


Why The Range Rover Package?

This package is designed to work in conjunction with 

the original Land Rover inControl app and functionality including Remote Start. With the addition of our wireless immobiliser and a smart GSM alarm system, unlike other alarm systems the pandora alarm system with this package actually allows the Range Rover remote start to be fully functional and fully protected Plus Tracking capabilities.

Whats Included?

  • A Smart GSM Alarm System with GPS/Glonass Tracking

  • Flashing Pandora Deterrent  which doubles as an SOS button

  • Wireless immobiliser  

  • shock, tilt and motion sensors

  • Mobile phone app to control the entire system

  • Anti-hijack*

  • Worldwide Phone immobilisation

  • WorldWide Phone Notifications

  • 128Bit Encryption

  • 4G connectivity and Bluetooth 5.0


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