The LIGHT Pro 


This great security system offers some amazing security features such as sensors including shock which is in case your car it hit, tilt sensor in case someone tried to tilt/lift the vehicle (usually to try hook to a lorry or to steal the wheels) internal for motion inside the vehicle and movement sensor to protect your vehicle from anyone trying to push it off the drive. 


Another great feature would be the Bluetooth phone control which gives you control of your alarm system from up to a Bluetooth range, depending on your phone could be up to 20 metres 


The light pro system system also offers a long range remote fob allowing you to lock/unlock the vehicle as well as receive notifications up to a mile away which is useful should the alarm alert and you are somewhere within range like in the shopping centre or a restaurant. 


Bluetooth tags will also protect your vehicle from anyone trying to take your car when parked, even with the original keys without the tag will keep the vehicle where you left it. 


The system will also offer other features such as an immobiliser, a wireless Bluetooth battery back up siren and 2 point engine immobilisers.


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  • Please NOTE: This purchase includes fitting by a Pandora Approved Dealer at HQ. For additional features or mobile fitting at you address, will require addtional charges. 

    Once payment is made, you will receive an email to complete our booking form and arrange a date for installation. 

    Refunds will be given if we are unable to install the system for good reason.

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