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My vehicle has an alarm & immobiliser...why do I need another? 

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What is Thatcham and what does ''Cat 1'' and ''Cat 2'' mean?

What makes a good vehicle security system?

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Technical support help videos 

Temporarily disabling the Pandora alarms bluetooth Immobiliser tag if lost/broken

Follow this video to disable your Pandora alarms bluetooth ID tag in a situation where you have lost/broken your tag, but still need to drive the vehicle. The bluetooth tag is used to identify the correct user.  When the tag is in close proximity to the vehicle, it acts as an encrypted Identification tag, letting the alarm know it's the correct user. When the tag is present, the alarm can be disarmed, car engine started and also when fitted keep anti-hijack - Pandora's car jacking protection - from activating.

GSM Alarm system - Pairing your new smartphone through bluetooth to your alarm system.

Follow this video when you own a GSM Pandora alarm system and you need to connect your new smartphone to the alarm through bluetooth. Only one smartphone can be connected to the alarm at a time. This connection is also encrypted, meaning every-time a phone is connected, a new encryption is created.  When the Pandora system was installed your authorised dealer would have paired your smartphone with you after installation. If you change your smartphone, the new phone will need pairing to your alarm. 

How to place your alarm in Service/Maintenance mode

Follow this video to place your alarm in maintenance  mode. Maintenance mode is used when your vehicle is being left with a third party, such as your vehicles dealership for a service etc. By placing your Pandora alarm in maintenance mode, you temporarily disable the alarm itself and the bluetooth immobiliser ID tags. *Please note, on some installs where a vehicle is fitted with a push button immobiliser, the tag may still need to be left with the vehicle. Consult your authorised dealer for more information.

Deleting or changing the owners telephone number in your GSM alarm systsm.

Follow this video if you need to change your main owners telephone number in your alarm brain. This is the main owners telephone number used to call the alarm as well as receive important alarm notifications. This number needs to be kept up to date at all times. If you change you mobile number, follow the steps below to delete and replace the number. If you are selling the car, it's important your number is removed from the system and where possible, the new keepers number added. If not leave blank. After the car has changed hands, It can not be done through the app or any other way other way other than a visit to your authorised installer. 

 IPhone - Setting up and registering a online account for your GSM alarm systsm.

Follow the below video when setting up, registering and activating your new GSM alarm system with an Iphon or IOS device.

 GMT - Day light saving times. How to cvhange the time on your alarm +/- hours

Follow this video to correct the time on your Bluetooth alarm system. This can be done in March when the clocks go back and October when the clocks go forward. or when leaving the U.K. Videos below for either IOS or android users with the Pandora BT app.

Pairing your new Pandora Watch 2 

Follow the video below to pair your Pandora watch2, to your Bluetooth 4.2 or 5.0 alarm system and compatible IOS or Android smartphone. See our website for compatible smartphones and alarm systems. not compatible with the Professional V1.