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Light Pro: Welcome

The Ultimate Alarm system. Welcome to the Elite

Long range Pager Remote, Bluetooth tags, SmartPhone control through GSM & Bluetooth. Notify you anywhere in the world! full tracking and vehicle location. AntiHijack car jacking protection with remote vehicle shut down, from your smartphone. The Elite is the best of everything Pandora offers rolled into one. No expense has been spared designing the ultimate alarm package. With the latest Bluetooth 5.0 chip, 4G Technology, M7 processor & the latest frequency LoRa technology.

Why settle for anything less?

NEW OLED Pager Which Doubles Up As A Driver Tag

A Completely new and redesigned long range remote. Not only does this remote feature all new LoRa radio frequency but it n ow also has a bluetooth chip built inside the remote. What this means is you no longer need to carry both the pager remote and the driver ID tag. This cleverly engineered remote features everything you need to secure your vehicle.

NEW large OLED display

Built in rechargeable LiLon battery

NEW LoRa technology 

luetooth chip 

Bluetooth 5.0 Driver ID Tag - Antihijack

When you don't want to use the OLED remote as a Tag, supplied with this alarm are two driver ID tags. These Tags now feature the latest bluetooth 5.0. 128 bit dialogue encryption allows for secure use of OEM factory remote, protecting your vehicle from the latest OBD port & Relay theft.

When Pandora Anti-Hijack installed the tags also act as your car jacking protection.

Pandora light pro v2 car alarm remote st

Pandora Pro - For IOS & Android

If you are an android or iOS user, everything can be adjusted via the smartphone app through GSM or Bluetooth. You can turn on and off sensors or adjust the sensitivity from inside the app it self. Change notifications set up, monitor, control and track your car real time. Also works with most smart watches New mobile applications for both Android and iOS devices. Pandora BT puts you in control of your car, giving you bluetooth control all from your smartphone or tablet.


Arm & disarm your Pandora system.Start your vehicles engine with remote engine start 

Monitor important vehicle parameters such as engine temperature, fuel level, battery voltage.


This package really is the ultimate security systems. It has everything needed to keep your vehicle where you left it and you in full control. You will also be constantly connected to your vehicle, through GSM and your smartphone 24/7 no matter where you are in the world. As well as RF through the long range 1 mile pager remote.


Car jacking protection

Compare all Alarms

Pandora Light Pro V2 Car Alarm with Long range LCD Pager & Bluetooth
Mini BT V2 Bluetooth car alarm but still use your factory remote
Upgrade the Mini and Light with GSM & GPS
Pandora Camper alarm which keeps you connected to your Motorhome (RV) through your smartphone. also
Pandora Elite v2 The full package. LCD Pager, Bluetooth & GSM Smartphone control. Plus GPS Tracking
Pandora light pro V2 Car alarms vehicle

Pandora Elite V2

Long range Pager Remote, Bluetooth tags, plus SmartPhone control through GSM & Bluetooth. Notify you anywhere in the world! full tracking and vehicle location. AntiHijack car jacking protection with remote vehicle shut down, from your smartphone. The Elite is the best of everything Pandora offers rolled into one. No expense has been spared designing the ultimate alarm package. With the latest Bluetooth 5.0 chip, 4G technology with 2 x SIM card slots (1 E sim) and an M7 processor. The alarm also features the most advanced pager remote in the world. Which also works on Bluetooth as well as the latest LoRa Radio frequency and features a Lilon rechargeable battery. The alarm connects to your smartphone also through bluetooth at close range, or by GSM when out of range, giving you worldwide connection to your vehicle with real time track and locate. 

Elite V2
From a local Authorised dealer 

Pandora car alarms iphone android app control your car alarms copy.png

Your tag is your driver recognition pass..

All NEW upgrade Bluetooth 5.0 chip, our immobiliser tags are now even more secure, with a longer range. Fully adjustable via the pandora Bluetooth app and featuring Pandora’s military grade 128bit encryption. 


Immobiliser tag work on close proximity of the car, allowing you to still securely use your factory OEM remote. 


The tag is used as a way of telling your  Pandora alarm system you are the authorised user. If the TAG isn’t in close proximity to the vehicle when you press the unlock button, then the Pandora system simply won’t disarm, keeping the engine immobiliser and all the layers of security fully ARMED! However, if the TAG is in close proximity, the system will disarm, completely handsfree.


Tag is also used for other features such as Anti-Hijack and Handsfree Arming/locking. (Vehicle dependent)Please note, by switching Anti-hijack on this will void Thatcham rating of this alarm system 

What’s inside this NEW box of tricks?

The heart of the alarm system. Now featuring The latest Bluetooth 5.0 chip, meaning lots of options to upgrade. The system will now wireless connect to up to 10 wireless devices. Including 5 x Bluetooth battery sensors, 3 x Bluetooth wireless hidden immobilisers. As well as our new Bluetooth battery backup siren (which is included in the package) and OLED Bluetooth remotes/tags. 


Alarm also features the latest LoRa long range RF frequency. As well as all new power supply, giving this alarm system the best power draw of any alarm system in the world. This Pandora system will draw as little as 8milli amps. And even less when it enters intelligent sleep mode after roughly 24hours. No more returning to your vehicle and a bead battery due to your after market alarm system. 

pandora car alarms elite v2 bluetooth 5.

Pandora watch2 

The Pandora Watch 2 is:

  • Control of security system and car: arming/disarming, remote engine start, etc.

  • Functions of an immobilizer/anti-hi-jack tag;

  • 1.4′ display res 300х320 pixels;

  • ARM-processor Bluetooth 5.0;

  • High precision GPS/GLONASS with 10 days battery life 

  • Synchronization with a smartphone, receiving notifications (calls, SMS, PUSH, e-mail, etc.);

  • Titanium case and quick-change bands.

pandora watch2 iphone ios android car al
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