Anti Theft Car Security

If you’re looking for the best anti theft car alarms, because we tailor our technology to work smoothly on both IOS and Android. You can customize everything with the smartphone app through GSM or Bluetooth. 


This includes adjusting the sensitivity and turning the sensors on and off from inside the app. Not to mention, tracking your car in real-time and changing your notification settings.

Additionally, our app is compatible with most smartwatches to make preventing theft even simpler.


Overall, our Pandora BT car alarm system enables you with complete control of your car by linking it to the Bluetooth on your smartphone.

Best Anti Theft Car Security Solutions


We are one of the best anti theft car security companies. If you’re looking for the best anti theft car security solutions on the mark, you have come to the right place. We provide a variety of car security options such as a Long-Range Pager Remote, Bluetooth tags and SmartPhone control through Bluetooth and GSM.


In the unfortunate event that your car is being hijacked, you will be notified straightaway, no matter where you are in the world. Our AntiHijack car jacking protection elements will allow you to remotely shut your vehicle down by utilising your smartphone.


Our Elite alarm system consists of all of our best productions to maximise the security of your vehicle. Plus, the most recent Bluetooth 5.0 chip, 4G Technology, M7 processor and the latest up-to-date frequency LoRa technology.


Anti Theft Car Security Specialists


As anti theft car security experts, we offer a new OLED Pager which can be used simultaneously as a driver tag. This is an innovative long-range remote that includes a LoRa radio frequency and a Bluetooth chip. Hence, you don’t need to carry both the driver ID tag and pager remote.


On the other hand, if you don’t want to use the OLED remote as a tag, you can have possession of two driver ID tags. Both tags include the most modern Bluetooth 5.0. 128 dialogue encryption that ensures dependable use of OEM factory remote and protects your vehicle from any Relay Theft.

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